Welcome to TeslApp homepage!

The TeslApp is an app to control and read information about your Tesla vehicle.

The app is dependent on your Tesla credentials to get information from your vehicle and from Teslas API. The credentials is only used locally on your phone and will not be copied or saved to other places in any way. 


  • See your cars location live in a map at the first page. 
  • Control charging and save statistics
  • Control your air conditioning
  • Wake up the car
  • Lock 
  • Unlock
  • Activate Valet mode
  • Honk horns
  • Flash lights
  • Start the car
  • Open trunk and frunk
  • Save and see statistics for charging, prices, driven km etc.
  • Live track the car with information about speed, power, elevation and range left.
  • Option codes decoder
  • VIN number decoder
  • Fabrication information
  • Media Control
    • Play/Pause
    • Next/Previos track
    • Next/Previous favorite track
    • Volume +/-

Live Tracking and power display. To start livetracking, click the play icon in the map. Then you will get live data from the car. The gauges can be made bigger or smaller by double tapping on them. Enjoy :)

The statistics in the App will save charging and odometer details to a local database in the app. The information can be used to keep a log on how much you charge and when. Also you can calculate how far you got on each charge from the distance driven since last charge. The statistics module will continually be extended, and if you have any requests to what you would like stored, please give me some feedback and I will do my best to meet your needs :)

In the settings there are a few things to do. You can set the units for your locale, sensitivity for the power and Bhp gauges and your power price for calculations in the charging section. 
The sensitivity for the gauges will set how fast the needle updates when streaming information. Sensitivity set to 1 makes it extremely fast and nudgy, and 9 will make it very smooth. Adjust to your preferred smoothness :)

This software and documentation do not come from nor is endorsed by Tesla Motors Inc. Use this app at your own risk. The author does not guarantee its proper functioning. This app attempts to use the same interfaces used by the official Tesla App(s). However, you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app. Use of this app can change the settings of your car and we are not liable for any damages to you or your car in any conjunction with use of this app.

Credits to the amazing work of these people:

João Nunes (TeslaSwift)
Vinh Nguyen @ninjaprox (NVActivityIndicator)
Anatoliy Voropay <anatoliy.voropay@gmail.com> (AssistantKit)
William Markezana <william.markezana@me.com> (WMGaugeView)
Ivan Schütz (SwiftCharts)
Eran Boudjnah, eranbou@gmail.com (MTCircularslider)

Future release plans:

  • Add more statistics
  • Add Drivelog. Log your drive from A-B with speed, location, power use, batterystats.
  • Transfer navigation data to car
  • Future functions added to the Tesla API
  • HUD for displaying power/speed/kWh.
  • etc

Do you have any requests? Please contact me and I will do what I can to meet your needs :)

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